Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shut up, and look at my videogame-related videos.

A lot of these are kind of old by now, but I thought it was worth sharing. If you play the vidya, chances are, you enjoy some vidya music. Being the immense faggot that I am, I made some song remixes of video game tunes, using only my voice. It's not as bad as it sounds.

This is one of my favorite ones. It didn't have too much of that annoying sound-noise that usually comes out when I speak. I daresay -- It almost qualifies as a passable melody. Can you guess the vidya tune I was using?

This one is my latest one, and another one that's actually listenable. GO ON, GUESS THE SONG I WAS USING.

These videos are just intermission type thingies that were to be played in between live streams at Vidya². It's a video game stream that I joined over a year ago. Basically, we stream ourselves playing video games for a chat room of over 100 viewers daily. It's a pretty good way to waste time, and it's a pretty entertaining way to fail at video games in front of dozens of people. Hell, If you're interested in checking it out, visit the site. If you want to see more of my intermissions, just take a gander here. I know some of you probably want to punch me in the cock now for making you listen to these.


  1. lolwut did I just listen to? And I don't really know the first one, but is the second one Mario Kart?

  2. Wrong, and wrong. :C
    The second one is close though.

  3. Oh GOD, it's been so long since I've read a comment that stated that someone doesn't know something about video games that I do know. D: I feel a little happy. But not that much.

  4. Is the second one Diddy Kong Racing? Complete guess here.

  5. @Hip-Hop Hikikomori
    YES, you got it. Still no specific song title for either of them, though. Sad bee here.

  6. Sit on my ass and watch vidya games~

    You, my friend, are great. What streams do you watch?